• Language coaching focused on your specific needs

    1 hr

    39 Swiss francs
  • Personalized list of learning resources suited to your needs & budget

    1 hr

    59 Swiss francs
  • Make the leap to speaking a foreign language confidently and with ease

    1 hr

    49 Swiss francs
  • A gentle yet effective introduction to French

    1 hr

    49 Swiss francs

Personalized one-on-one support on your language-learning journey

We offer a number of different plans and packages for language learners, helping them master the techniques and methods to acquire a language in the fastest and most effective way possible. Browse through the options below and see which one piques your interest and meets your needs!


Please note that these are not language courses (they won't teach you grammar or vocab) - but what they will do is help you master the techniques that will make your language learning successful. They'll introduce you to the tools and techniques that will help you with your language journey. They will teach you where to start, how to learn and retain vocabulary, how to start speaking with native speakers without fear, where to find opportunities to practice and grow, and how to avoid common mistakes that many language learners make, and that often hold them back from becoming fluent. 


The lessons take place via Zoom (an online video chat service) and last one hour at a time. 

You have the option of purchasing these lessons individually (one lesson at a time) or in packages of 1, 2 or 3 months of weekly sessions each.

Each lesson or package focuses on specific language skills or techniques you are looking to develop or improve and adapts to your learning preferences and strengths! 

Why have a language coach?

A language coach is not that different from a fitness coach... You may have all the motivation in the world to learn a language, but having a guide who will direct you to the right tools, explain how to use them most effectively, and provide you with the accountability required to keep you on track will get to you meet your goals so much faster. A coach will help you identify the errors you may be making along the way and fix them early on. A coach will also give you advice that's not generic, but specific to your needs! 

How a coach can add to your language learning experience

A language coach, just like a fitness or nutritional guide, will target your specific needs. If you are uncomfortable learning in a classroom setting, he or she will recommend resources that will be most effective from the comfort of your home. If you need someone to keep encouraging you and get over low motivation, a coach will help. If you are struggling with moving to the next level or with starting to speak the language, that's where a coach can give you tips on how to pass these hurdles.  A coach will also help you sequence learning in such a way that you learn fast and effectively, rather than staying for months (or years) at a language plateau...

How will this work?

Once you start working with a language coach, you will have an initial session where you'll discuss your needs and goals, learning preferences, challenges you've faced in the past when learning a language, and how you may best fit learning into your daily routine. The coach will then provide you with a personalized learning plan, and will check in regularly to assess your progress, provide motivation, and serve as an accountability buddy. The coach will also make adjustments to the plan if you feel that you are hitting a wall or not progressing as fast as you would like to. The coach will also be there to make sure you stick to your goals and make the progress you are aiming for!