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Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Address the language needs of your staff with the help of Perfectly Fluent.

Support your employees with their language-learning needs and help them reach fluency in record time.


Help your employees and members of their families to improve their French, English, German, Spanish, and other languages and get better integrated into their communities. 

Our Mission:

We provide individuals and companies with effective language-learning solutions that work even for the busiest people and offer immersion and social integration in addition to structured language instruction.


With the Perfectly Fluent method and personalized language support, our language learners reach conversational fluency in under six months.

Stop paying month after month for boring and inflexible classes that cost a fortune - instead, opt for an engaging and effective language acquisition approach that will get your employees and their family members speaking in a matter of months!

Perfectly Fluent - Working together

Why partner with Perfectly Fluent

  • We provide personalized language support to our students, focusing on their individual needs and learning preferences.


  • We partner with the leading language schools that offer effective, structured, and flexible instruction.


  • We offer competitive price packages.


  • We organize immersive social activities for our students, allowing them to practice the language they learn and improve in it even faster.


  • We provide monitoring and oversight of the student progress and provide monthly progress reports to the companies that use our services.


  • We offer support with a wide range of languages depending on the students' and companies' needs.


  • Our team is made of passionate language learners who mastered 7 languages using Perfectly Fluent methods, so we know they work!

Perfectly Fluent - learn languages together

Have you previously invested in language classes for your employees and seen little progress?

In a multicultural place like Geneva, many companies and international organizations want to support their staff and their families with their language needs. Most turn to renowned industry giants and pay a pretty penny for private or group classes that unfortunately don't show good results.


That happens because the scheduling of such classes are often inflexible, making students miss lessons and because many of the traditional schools use outdated methods focused on academic language learning instead of an immersive approach.


We at Perfectly Fluent also had such failed language learning experiences when we worked in NGOs and international organizations in Geneva.


Having learned from them, we created a language-learning method that addresses these challenges and ensures student progress regardless of how busy their life may be. Our method is focused on getting our students to use the language: speak it, understand it, and fully immerse in it.


With the Perfectly Fluent method and personalized language support, our language learners reach conversational fluency in under six months.

What we offer

We will design and manage language programs for your staff:

  • Language classes

  • Language coaching

  • Immersive social activities

  • Language retreats

  • Seminars

  • Individualized support

  • Flexible language packages

Languages offered: 

French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian

Others on demand

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