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Coming in Spring 2022:
A practical guide for French learners to become conversationally fluent in six months or less. 

Are you thinking of learning French? Have you tried learning it before, but found it too difficult/ time-consuming/ expensive/ frustrating/ simply impossible? Are you scared to have conversations with native speakers? Do you want to finally reach conversational fluency and feel like a fish in the water when speaking to francophones? 

Written from a perspective of a fellow Russophone/Anglophone who had to navigate the challenges of learning French, this book will give you the tools, tips, anecdotes, and an actual month-by-month roadmap to reaching fluency. We’ll talk about why so many people fail to learn this language and will explain how to avoid the common mistakes that many French learners make. We’ll discuss how to fit language learning into your daily routine, even if you have a prime minister’s schedule. We'll show you where to start and how to progress steadily without losing motivation. We'll also help you understand what may have gone wrong if you had already tried learning French before and failed; why the traditional classroom methods of learning French often don’t work; and why it’s so critical to start learning French by focusing first on listening, without obsessing about grammar or spelling.

Filled with secrets of polyglots - people who speak multiple languages and know how to learn new ones in record time - this book may just be the secret weapon to your future fluency in French. 

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The book will be published in late Spring 2022. Information on the exact launch date, prices, and available formats will be available here soon. 

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