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Becoming fluent in a language can be easier than you imagine 

Do you want to learn a language, but don't know where to start? Are you looking to make faster progress in French, English, Spanish, Russian, German, or another language? Would you like to join social activities with other language learners to practice languages in a fun and interactive way? Do you want to become fluent in a language of your choice in six months or less?  

We can help you with each of these aspirations.  

How it works
Perfectly Fluent was created to help language learners reach their goals faster and more efficiently than with conventional methods. We do this through: 
  • Individualized study plans tailored to your preferences, skills, and availability
  • Recommendations for the best learning resources for dozens of languages
  • Individual coaching that will get you to a B1 (low intermediate level) in 3 months regardless of the      language you are learning
  • Coaching and seminars on successful language learning to groups and organizations
  • Language retreats and social events to boost your language learning through total immersion

Are you interested in helping your employees learn a new language?

Effective Language-Learning solutions

for companies and organizations

Support your staff with their language-learning needs and help them reach fluency in record time.

We provide individuals and companies with effective language-learning solutions that work even for the busiest people and offer immersion and social integration in addition to structured language instruction.

With the Perfectly Fluent method and personalized language support, our language learners reach conversational fluency in under six months.

Stop paying month after month for boring and inflexible classes that cost a fortune - instead, opt for an engaging and effective language acquisition approach that will get your employees and their family members speaking in a matter of months!

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The latest from our Blog:

Perfectly Fluent Draft Book Cover.jpg
  • Learn about the best tools polyglots use to learn languages quickly and painlessly
  • Discover the hidden secrets of mastering French pronunciation and grammar
  • Get a week-by-week plan to structure your study of French to see quick and durable results
  • Find out how to conquer a fear of speaking French and reaching conversational fluency in just a few months

e-Book and print version available in May 2022

Language events in the Geneva area:

Do you leave in the greater Geneva area? Join us for a drink, brunch, a museum visit, or a murder mystery party where you can meet other language learners and practice speaking the language that you are studying! Our events are open to learners of all levels, and many of them are completely free! 

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Would you like to reach your language goals even faster?

Personalized one-on-one support on your language-learning journey

Learning a foreign language may seem challenging, time-consuming, and often frustrating. Language coaching support from Perfectly Fluent helps you overcome these hurdles through: 

  • Designing a personalized study plan that would fit your schedule, budget, and learning preferences

  • Supporting you through the challenges faced by many language learners and helping you overcome them

  • Accompanying you on your learning journey to ensure you progress in your language of choice as fast as possible 

  • Advising you on the most effective tools and strategies for each stage of language acquisition

  • Engaging you in fun and motivating language challenges that help you improve even faster

Whether you need to reach a certain language level ahead of that dream job interview or a planned holiday, or if you are simply impatient to become fluent in record time, a language coach can help you get there. 

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Let us tell you about the resources we love!

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