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Hi! Bonjour! Hola! Oi! Привет! こんにちわ! Hallo!

I'm Katya (short for Ekaterina), a Russian-born world traveler and a passionate language enthusiast living in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm fluent in five languages and currently learning five more.


When I first came to Geneva over twenty years ago, I spoke virtually no French, but it took me less than a year to become fluent. Many expatriates I've met ask me what my secret is, and whether they can also learn French and speak it fluently without spending years in the classroom. My answer is a confident yes. All you need is motivation, a bit of free time, and the right approach. 

Perfectly Fluent was created to help language learners reach their goals more efficiently and faster than with conventional methods. We do this through: 

  • Individualized study plans tailored to your preferences, skills, and availability

  • Recommendations for the best learning resources for dozens of languages

  • Individual coaching that will get you to a B1-B2 (intermediate level) in 3 months regardless of the language you are learning

  • Coaching and seminars on effective language learning to groups and organizations

  • Language retreats to boost your language learning through total immersion

Learning a language doesn't have to be a logistical challenge, an impossible dream or an incredibly costly endeavor. All it takes is a bit of time and patience, together with the right tools and strategy. Let me show you that learning a language can be exciting, fun, and most certainly doable, despite what you may remember from your experience in school or your earlier attempts to pick up a new language from boring classes and textbooks!

Looking to learn French? Get your list of the top 12 resources that work like a charm!

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Our top offers:

  • Recommendations on the best learning tools

  • One-on-one coaching to get you to fluency at record speed

  • Language exchange events (coming soon)

  • Language Retreats (coming soon)

  • Seminars and group workshops

Our recommended resources for helping you learn

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Everyone learns differently. Some people need a classroom structure, others advance best through listening to the language, and some leap forward by starting to speak as early as possible, even if their grammar is far from perfect. Sometimes language learners give up too quickly because they don't pick the tools that are right for them (and they start thinking that they are just not able to learn a language). This is where we can help - after a one-hour online session getting to know your language learning experience, preferences, availability, and budget that you are able to allocate to learning a language, we will provide you with a tailored toolkit that's designed just for you and will help you reach your goals!

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